Welcome Kirkland Flag!!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the momma's, acting momma's, and momma's to be!

Picture day is Sunday May 12th.  Have your child to the picture station in full uniform and ready to smile. 

Picture TimeTeam Name (in any order)
11amShula - Seahawks
Lombardi - Seahawks
Lombardi - Vikings
Shula - Lions
Lombardi - Commanders
Lombardi - Jaguars
12pmShula - Bengals
Shula - Raiders
Shula - Colts
Shula - Falcons
Shula - Jets
Shula - Buccaneers
1pmLombardi - Texans
Lombardi - Bills
Madden 4th-6th - Seahawks
Lombardi - Seahawks
Lombardi - Ravens
Madden 4th-6th - Panthers
12:20 BEFORE game Madden 4th-6th - Dolphins
Madden 4th-6th - Browns
Madden 4th-6th - Panthers
Madden 4th-6th - Cardinals