Welcome RDLL!

Picture Day is Friday May 17th.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your picture time.  Have your athlete in full uniform - including shoes.  Bring a bat or glove to pose with. One can be borrowed if you forget.  

Time (PM)CoachTime (PM)Coach
420 420 
430 430Hanela Majors
440Tana CP440Adelburg Teeball
450Gundlach Tball450Brit CP
500Hagopian Majors500Wright/Salazar Majors
510Palma Teeball510Moroni Teeball
520Roosevelt  Tball520Richey Teeball
530Webb Tball530Scoggins Teeball
540Brown Tball540Benedum Teeball
550Lane TNToss550Frankland TeeNToss
600Mason TNToss600Siegel TeeNToss
610McLaren TNToss610Chambers CP
620Zumenta TNToss620Kipp CP
630Colley CP630Newell CP
640Morrison CP640Shippell CP
650Nienaber CP650Waters CP
700St. John CP700Hipp Softball-AA1
710Nienaber Majors710Matsusaka Softball-AAA
720Smith Softball-AA2720Alvarado/Fontana Rookies
730Hanson Softball-Majors730Manzer Rookies
740Henning Rookies740Roberts Rookies
750Budwick Minors750Thill Minors
800Thomas Wright Rookies800Kim Minors
810Adams Majors810Jensen/Rohde/Martin Juniors
820Silliker Minors820Coomer/Somerville/Seel Juniors
830Reese Minors830Gazeley/Mich Juniors