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Some things about PREPAYING for your childs picture order. 

  • You are receiving the absolute BEST pricing that we offer.  Waiting after picture day to order you will pay 20-25% higher pricing PLUS shipping.  Studio pick up is not available in second chance orders.
  • PREPAYING for pictures makes for the smoothest picture day process for YOU as the parent.  You have nothing to bring or fill out on picture day.  Just show up with your child.

About Picture Day

  • Show up to picture day and time at least 10 minutes early.  This helps the child/parent feel less rushed.
  • Show up in your uniform with shoes on, take off any jackets, sweatshirts, etc, 
  • We do not fix hair - please have hair ready to go.  
  • We do not touch the athletes.  We will not tuck in shirts or primp your child.  We may ask them to move their own hair or straighten out their shirt - but we do not touch them. 
  • Not all kids like to smile.  Some athletes like the no smile look, some do.  Please express to your child what you wish for them to do.  We will ask them to smile - but they don't always do this.  Again - it is a style.
  • Parents are NOT ALLOWED in the photo area  - We need to keep our process and keep the flow moving.  We need the children and athletes to listen to our direction.  This is due to insurance liability. 
  • We ask that you do not take pictures behind or next to us when we are photographing.  This makes it confusing to the child and they will tend to look at you vs the photographer.  We are there because parents have paid for our services and we need to have complete control on picture day. 

Team Pictures

Team pictures will be taken one of two ways: 

1) traditional team picture where we pose as a group while we are there.  This is what was done pre-covid.

2) take individual pictures and digitally compose the team picture at our studio.  

The gym/league/dance studio/etc will determine what is best for this event. 


We love what we do and wish to make photo day a pleasant experience.  Any questions- give us a call at the studio or send an email. 

The Olympic Photo Group Team

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event logo image SGA 2024 Picture Prepay Sports 3/2/2024