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Welcome Families!

The purpose of this link is for you to give us your contact information - voluntarily.   You will be alerted to prepay events that pertain to your child for school or sports, be the first to know about new products, and be the first to know about special offers!

In fact one of the newest features that we have in connection with our events is the ability to ask for your passcode (password) electronically.  No need to have to call us at the studio for the information.  This feature hinges on you giving us your contact information and your child(rens) school or league information. 

Q:  Why are you asking for this?

A:  It is becoming increasingly harder to receive this data from organizations and schools.  It is great that your information is being protected however that also means you may miss out on amazing picture sales and our coveted PREPAY links.  This is the cheapest time for you to order pictures for any event. 

Q:  Is my information safe?

A: Absolutely.  Your information is kept with bank level security.  We would also NEVER allow anyone else this information.  It is strictly kept with us.

Q:  Will I receive a ton of emails or text messages from OPG?

A:  No -- only for the events that are stated above.  In which case you will receive one email or text about the event.  If at any time you wish to stop receiving the communication - opt out and unsubscribe is just a button click from the email or text that is sent out.  No difficult hoops to jump through.  

Our main goal is to save you money!!  We completely understand that photo prints and products are a luxury for a lot of people.  If we end up archiving an event then you decide to order - we have to charge archive fees of $10 per event.  Because the images are kept on hard drives and kept in a secure location - it does take a little work for us to have to get them for you.  

Have a school, league or other organization that we don't already cover?  Let us know!  We would be happy to reach out and offer our services.  We cover anywhere in Washington with ease. 

The OPG Team

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